Coffee Festivals

For the San Francisco Coffee Festival, I created a comprehensive suite of marketing materials to enhance the event’s immersive coffee experience. My work included designing large-scale banners, versatile social media assets, and a variety of printed materials such as detailed floor plans, leaflets, and speaker banners. Additionally, I developed captivating graphics and digital content for the event’s website and social media platforms, crafting dynamic and visually engaging materials to effectively promote this unique coffee culture event.

Graphic Design & Marketing Material

Developed printed materials such as leaflets, floor plans, and speaker banners, focusing on clarity, readability, and visual appeal to enhance the attendee experience. We also produced a range of marketing assets including large-scale banners and other promotional items, effectively communicating the festival’s theme and offerings.

Promotional Products

Designed and developed promotional products that resonated with the festival’s theme, contributing to the overall branding and memorability of the event.

Social Media Assets

Crafted dynamic and engaging images and videos for social media platforms, tailored to increase online presence and promote the festival effectively.

Motion Graphics

Developed a series of engaging and visually appealing videos designed specifically for social media platforms. The process began with ideation, where concepts were aligned with the themes of each event, ensuring that the videos would not only capture the essence of the events but also resonate with the target audience.