Audacious Book Club

For the Audacious Book Club, part of The Audacity and curated by Roxane Gay, I designed a variety of social media assets to promote monthly book selections and facilitate engaging online discussions. My role included creating visually compelling graphics for Zoom conversations with authors and Roxane Gay, as well as crafting Instagram posts and story videos, effectively enhancing the club’s online presence and reader participation.

Milk Blood Heat – Dantiel Moniz

Developed a set of bright, vibrant graphics that reflect the unique and colorful book cover, capturing the essence of the book’s visual appeal.

Detransition Baby – Torry Peters

Crafted a series of bright and vibrant graphics that complement the book’s cover, utilizing its rich color palette and lively design elements.

Black Futures – Kimberly D. & Jenna W.

Focused on the striking contrast of dark black and bright lilac colors, creating graphics that mirrored the book’s simplistic yet bold cover.

Libertie – Kaitlyn Greenidge

Embraced the book’s simplistic and earthy cover aesthetics, designing minimalistic graphics and visual elements that resonate with its theme.

The Five Wounds – Kirsten Valdez Quade

Highlighted the bold colors of yellow, orange, and hints of black on the book’s cover, producing graphics that amplified these colors and brought the design to life.