Leap Action

Partnering with Leap Action, I developed influential graphics and billboards for the Law Enforcement Accountability Project, focusing on changing narratives about police abuse of Black people. My work involved designing high-quality visuals and collaborating with marketing teams to create content that resonates with a wide audience. In addition, I managed the production of striking billboards in Hollywood, CA, and captured aerial footage for a dynamic presentation, ensuring each aspect of the project aligned seamlessly with campaign objectives and enhanced its impact.

Graphic & Social Media Design

Developed engaging graphics and video content for campaigns, collaborating with marketing teams for visually compelling campaigns aligned with overarching themes, managing the entire creative process.

Print & Billboard Design

Conceptualized and created large-scale billboards in Hollywood, CA, coordinating with advertising companies to ensure high-quality production and strategic placement, adhering to all specifications.

Aerial Visuals & Video Production

Captured aerial photography and videography of the billboards in Hollywood, CA, showcasing the scale and impact of the billboards in a dynamic and visually striking manner.