Craft Hospitality

Working with Craft Hospitality, a leader in the hospitality and experiential industry, I leveraged my skills in web development, graphic design, and project management to enhance their innovative offerings. My contributions included developing responsive, brand-aligned websites and creating captivating graphic and social media designs for digital marketing campaigns. Additionally, I produced high-quality print materials for their events, coordinating with vendors to ensure excellence. My role in their expansion, notably the 2017 launch of MADE boutique hotel in NYC and four F&B concepts, highlights my ability to deliver diverse and impactful design solutions, aligning with Craft Hospitality’s mission to create connective and memorable experiences.

Brand Identity & Web Development

Conceptualized and developed user-centric websites aligned with Craft Hospitality’s brand identity, employing various technologies for responsive functionality. Regular website maintenance ensured up-to-date content and performance.

Graphic & Social Media Design

Designed compelling graphics for social media platforms, enhancing online presence. Collaborated on brand-aligned visual content for digital marketing campaigns, managing projects from concept to completion.

Print Design

Created impactful print materials like banners and event passes, utilizing advanced design tools and coordinating with vendors for high-quality production and delivery.

Motion Graphics

Developed a series of engaging and visually appealing videos designed specifically for social media platforms. The process began with ideation, where concepts were aligned with the themes of each event, ensuring that the videos would not only capture the essence of the events but also resonate with the target audience.