For the Save First Kill campaign, I spearheaded the development of both website and brand identity, and collaborated with Outfront Media and Clear Channel to showcase billboards in NYC’s Times Square and Hollywood. My role included designing the campaign’s website, creating innovative social media campaigns with custom graphics and videos, and developing merchandise and printed assets for fundraising and event exposure. Additionally, I managed the campaign’s official Twitter account, ensuring regular updates and engaging community interactions.

Brand Identity + Web Design

For the Save First Kill campaign, I established a cohesive and impactful brand identity, ensuring consistency across all platforms, and designed a user-centric website with content updates and design elements that mirrored this brand identity, enhancing user engagement. This process involved not only the creation of a visually unified brand but also the development of a website tailored to provide an engaging and informative experience for its audience.

Billboards + Print Design 

In collaboration with Outfront Media and Clear Channel I designed and executed multiple high-impact billboards, both static and digital, in prominent locations like New York City’s Times Square and Hollywood, CA. I managed the entire design process from concept to final print, creating various print assets including postcards and business cards, significantly enhancing campaign exposure at events.

Graphic Design + Marketing

I created a diverse array of graphic designs, including digital assets for the campaign’s website and social media, crafting engaging images and videos to bolster online presence and interaction. My role also extended to pivotal marketing efforts, where I strategized and executed marketing initiatives and developed creative social media campaign ideas, significantly boosting visibility and engagement.

Merch & Apparel Design

I spearheaded the design of merchandise and apparel, aligning with fundraising objectives and enhancing the campaign’s brand resonance. I managed the entire apparel design process from concept to production, ensuring each piece effectively embodied the campaign’s goals and identity.


I crafted a variety of engaging video content, including social media teasers, recaps, and trailers, designed to capture audience attention and highlight key aspects of the campaign. These video assets played a crucial role in boosting the campaign’s visibility and effectively communicating its message across social platforms.

The Save First Kill campaign concluded in June 2023 as the Hollywood strikes shifted to become the central focus. I am forever grateful for the incredible people I’ve had the opportunity to meet while working on this campaign. A very special thank you to Nikkona, Aylin, Rebel, Toni, Ashton, Marz, Chynna, Colbert, Melanie M., Brandy B., Brandy, Quinn, and many others who contributed to making this campaign what it was.