For Gamersupps, a dynamic and growing brand in the gaming industry, I played a crucial role in enhancing their digital presence and brand identity. My primary focus was on rebranding and web development, where I revamped their website to align with a more edgy and contemporary aesthetic while ensuring user-friendliness and staying abreast of the latest trends.

Additionally, I delved into video production, where I captured and compiled footage for significant events like Twitch Con. My involvement also extended to shooting, directing, and producing videos for apparel and merchandise launches, showcasing Gamersupps’ products in a dynamic and engaging manner. These efforts were aimed at strengthening Gamersupps’ brand identity and increasing their visibility and appeal in the competitive gaming market.

Brand Identity & Web Development:

Revamped the Gamersupps website to reflect a more modern, edgy look while ensuring user-friendliness. Regularly updated the site to align with current trends and enhance the company’s digital presence.

Video Production

Handled video production for events like Twitch Con and for new apparel and merchandise launches. Tasks included shooting, directing, and producing high-quality videos that effectively showcased Gamersupps’ products and brand essence.