Concept Projects

Concept Projects

There’s always those projects that you want to tackle either with a client or on your own as a designer. I normally sit on tons of ideas and want to bring them to life but they reality is… I’ll be broke if I even tried.

This year I’ve decided to work on some concept projects that will start with my ideas and who knows they just might be bought to life.

At the top of my list is a project called ‘Lettus‘ — yes it’s sounds like Lettuce but it’s ‘Lettus’ because well of course we’d want you to Lett Us keep you healthy.

You can check out some of the concept work we’ve done so far on the project and we will be working on finishing up the website and other things very soon so stay tuned…

**It’s only a concept project… and who knows it might come to life someday soon!!**

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